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Vol.29, No.0, 21 ~ 33, 2010
The Recognition Evaluation of Public Design on the Busan Passenger Terminal & Hakata International Terminal
박재덕 Park Jae-ho , 안현호 An Hyun-ho , 윤지영 Yoon Ji-young
This study aims at exploring the public design of Hakata and Busan Passenger terminal and the evaluation of the space. This evaluation includes functional, aesthetic and cultural satisfaction level of each place and the findings were analyzed in terms of cultural difference. 30 Korean and 30 Japanese monitors were chosen to experience the terminal space and evaluate the questionnaire which was developed by USI of Kyushu university for evaluation of public space. For the Busan Passenger terminal, Japanese satisfied only 40% space of coherency and 53.3% in expression of regionalism and culture while Koreans gave negative evaluations of that. Also, Koreans gave high evaluations in guidance, cleanliness, rest space and tourist map of the Hakata international terminal. However, Japanese seemed to be less satisfied than Korean with most of the items including guidance, expression of history and regionalism. This study suggests that Busan passenger terminal requires better guiding sign system in functional aspect and clean atmosphere with identity design reflecting Busan culture to increae the satisfaciton level of the users and to regenerate the tour industry of Busan.
Key Words
공공디자인, 인식평가, 부산여객터미널, Public Design, Cognition Evaluation, Busan Passenger Terminal
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