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Vol.28, No.0, 255 ~ 263, 2010
A Study on Interactive Exhibition Techniques for Digital Exhibition Environment
장은경 Jang Eun Kyung
Today, highly developed IT technology enables the generalization of Internet and the interactive communication utilizing digital media in our lives. This study seeks for a direction to develop the exhibition techniques according to such changes in modern technology environment. First, relating to newly appeared sociocultural phenomenons in this Digital era and some changes in audience`s role, the study examined some literature about the change stages necessary for Digital media to interact with their users in order to react some changes and developments in Digital environment. Second, as the changes in Digital environment have influenced on some changes in exhibition environment, so the study investigated the role change in each factor consisting a exhibition. Third, centering domestic and foreign exhibition halls established with high-tech IT technology, some cases of interactive exhibition techniques were analyzed. Finally, in the sections of conclusion and proposal, this study suggested a direction to develop the exhibition contents which could maximize the interaction of an exhibition hall and the audience based on analyzed results. To keep up with changes in Digital environment newly unfolded in Modern Society, we need to maximize the interactivity through continual development of new exhibition contents to increase the video utility, and to discover and develop materials in various fields so that an exhibition and its visitors can interactively communicate and get information to be delivered well.
Key Words
디지털 환경, 전시기법, 인터렉티브 미디어, digital environment, exhibition technique, interactive media
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