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Vol.28, No.0, 241 ~ 255, 2010
The Romanticism Characteristics Expressed in Men`s Fashion at the Beginning of 21st Century
안광숙 An Kwang Sook
The mode of the early 21st century men`s fashion is similar to the social and cultural conditions of men`s wear in the 18th century of the age of romanticism in the fact that it creates diverse changes in fashion and new and free styles. Results of researching the features of men`s wear in the 19th century era of romanticism and the romanticism features according to the changes of men`s fashion in the early 21st century based on the above are as seen below. The features of men`s wear in the age of romanticism are the sensuality that emphasizes sexual attraction through the `X` shaped silhouette that is tight on the body, and the retroactive tendencies in some areas together with the color and accessories such as detailed patterns. In addition, it showed exotic colors and tastes, as well as accessories, and it expresses a mixture of various colors and materials. The characteristic of 21st century men`s wear os the refusal of existing traditions and stereotypes such as `X` shaped, inverse-triangle and tight silhouettes, sensuality with severe exposure where men accessorize their selves like women and there is a vague line between men and women`s wear, accessories that uses exquisite details and patterns through diversification of materials, exotic touch reflecting orientalism of patterns and material silhouettes, and mixture of diverse and exotic material matching with the development of industrial technologies. The features of early 21st century men`s fashion that is represented by the emphasis and exposure of body lines according to silhouettes, diversification of materials, and destruction of gender stereotypes, is on the same context as that of men`s wear in the age of romanticism on the aspect of sensuality, decoration, exoticism and mixture. In addition, though it is similar to the men`s wear and features of 19th century romanticism, it is evident that there is some difference according to the social environment. This paper studied the social and cultural features and character of dress in the age of romanticism on the presupposition that the timely conditions and mode of men`s fashion was similar in the 18th century age of romanticism with that of the early 21st century. This once again confirmed that the reflections of social, cultural and artistic times of an era was applied in the development of dress, and it is expected that research on early 21st century men`s fashion will help improve understanding of men`s wear and also assist in research on men`s fashion in the future.
Key Words
낭만주의, 관능성, 장식성, 이국성, 혼용성, Romanticism, sensuality, ornamentation, exoticism, mingler
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