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Vol.28, No.0, 143 ~ 153, 2010
A case study on cell-phone preferential color using Korea Standard Color Analysis - Focusing on 20-30 ages consumer in the emotional consumption generation -
이용미 Lee Yong-mi , 정찬수 Jung Chan-su
In society that deepen competition, existing consumers purchased product by reason consumption but in nowaday`s market that product`s qualitative gap is tiny and product`s functions satisfy the consumer`s need, emotional things are more important than esthetic things. Growing product`s quality, productivity, consumer`s spending pattern are changing reasonal consumption to emotional consumption. I`ll research emotional propensity to consume`s development using mobile communication product category that show prompt purchasing behavior pattern to 20-30 ages. Currently, mobile phone`s color are on the market -Samsung Electronics` SCH-W270, SCH-W900 . Two kinds of color were extracted from 20 kinds of mobile phone. Through the survey preferred colors, adjective languages researched the relationship with the preference. The extracted color showed the Korea Standard Color Analysis. It can be shared with other colors. In this study, target emotional propensity to consume through a survey of mobile phone color shall be deemed to affect mobile phone sales. The study of these colors for color changes of the times shall be deemed to move quickly in response.
Key Words
감성소비, 휴대폰 컬러, 한국표준색 색채분석, Emotional consumption, Mobile phone color, Korea Standard Color Analysis
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