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Vol.28, No.0, 91 ~ 101, 2010
Factors Associated with Pedestrians` Body-holding Patterns
이영창 Lee Youngchang
The study was conducted under the hypotheses that pedestrians` body-holding patterns are influenced by various variables including physical and physiological characteristics, and that identifying those variables would be a prerequisite for designing public spaces. In this study, the public spaces were selected to observe body-holding patterns of pedestrians during two different seasons and to identify factors associated with body-holding patterns of pedestrians based on the literature and a preliminary study. The body-holding patterns include a body position and other various actions shown by pedestrians. It was found that pedestrians` body-holding positions were accompanied by other actions. The overall body-holding patterns of pedestrians were affected by various factors which include surrounding conditions, the way pedestrians deal with their luggage, the way they communicate with their companies, a distance with strangers, usages of portable gadgets, weather conditions, and so on.
Key Words
보행자 공간, 신체지지양태, 환경요인, Pedestrians, Body-holding, Environment factors
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