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Vol.28, No.0, 7 ~ 19, 2010
A Study on the Urban Design Directions for the Improvement of Life Environmental Townscape - Focused on the Planning Process for Dobong-gu Urban Design Master Plan -
문선욱 Moon Sun-wook
You can say that urban design is the whole of thinking, behavior, and activity for establishment of residents` good living environment. The Image of city must have present a local identity by an overall reflection and projection of inhabitants` living conditions. We could enjoy a mechanical benefit until now by the modern conveniences and indiscriminate development of the city. However, this results in a tendency come up other problems. And cityscape has made a negative image by losing the city`s identity. Urban design activities must improve the quality of life, provide utilities and instill a sense of civic ride for the residents. The purpose of this study is to deduct issues caused by the case studies and residents` consciousness for setting up an urban design objective, to analyze the characteristics and potential of Dobong local district on the basis of present data, and to suggest a master plan according to the suitable urban axis and region. The geographical scope of the study is Dobong district in Seoul. It limits the step of design conception on the process of establishing the Dobong urban design master plan. We must change the progressive urban design action for setting an urban goal because that cityscape won`t be created in a short period time and at one swoop. The main urban design agent must be effectively connected to related fields and support various programs to citizen`s activities. This holistic system can realize a true urban design for citizens.
Key Words
도시디자인, 경관, 생활환경, urban design, townscape, life environment
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