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Vol.27, No.0, 27 ~ 37, 2010
Conditions to Make Use of Architectural Ceramic Decorations in Ubiquitous Environment
조충휘 Cho Chung-hwi
Development of ubiquitous technology has led the quality of our life to be enhanced, and home-networking system is offering efficiency, safety and convenience to modern life. Human beings are seeking a new life style in a comfortable systematic environment. These conditions demand beautiful design and environmentally friendly materials for the products of everyday life, and ceramics are suitable for them. Ceramics have been used for practical purposes and artistic expressions for a long time, and nowadays, emerging as the best material for architectural decorations in ubiquitous environment. As for the conditions for architectural ceramic decorations to be used in ubiquitous environment, the interface should be designed for humans and consist of environmentally friendly elements. The designers who design architectural ceramic decorations need to acquire and understand ubiquitous technology, find the best surroundings for home network functions and then design the architectural ceramic decorations, and the decorations must be combined to the system which carries out various commands of the network. They have to be designed as the products of artistic value, and manufactured through a mass production system so that they can be standardized and made convenient use of in different environments. Each product should be installed with the exact compatibility in the system. The architectural ceramic decorations which make the best use of the ceramic materials are combined to the home networking system, function as the convenient tools for life, add the sensation of artistic pieces, satisfy the limitless desire of humans and will create an important chance for the development of Korea`s ceramic industry.
Key Words
유비쿼터스, 건축도자, 장식물, Ubiquitous, Architectural ceramics, Decorations
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