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Vol.26, No.0, 77 ~ 87, 2010
Storytelling of advertisement images that make use of everyday life routines
강현옥 Kang Hyunock
The perception of text structure, which plays a key role in appealing to the consumers` emotions, is determined by the way the implications of the contents are delivered to the consumers. In the industry of cultural contents, this concept is defined as a “storytelling.” This study examines the text structure of advertisements by understanding not only their original functions, but also their role as a cultural content. For this purpose, the study focuses on advertisements that are produced using daily life routines with which people are closely related and familiar as a background story. In order for the advertisement to fulfill its functions and to play a role as cultural content, external factors of advertisement, stories that were made from the visual storytelling and the external factors, and the narrative storytelling should be appropriately coordinated in an advertisement. The analysis of advertisement image concludes that the most important factor in text structure is emotional and mental factors of the topic and storytelling that can appeal to the consumer`s mind.
Key Words
문화콘텐츠, 텍스트, 스토리텔링, cultural contents, text, storytelling
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