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Vol.34, No.0, 479 ~ 488, 2012
Empathy As A User Research Method for Interface Design
오동우 Oh Dong-woo , 주재우 Joo Jae-woo
We propose empathy as a user research method to improve the performance of the interface design. We conducted two experimental studies in which we tested the effect of empathy by perspective taking on the performance of user research. We found in the first study that when subjects empathized with kids, they tended to find more contextual problems that kids face when using typical mobile phones. We found in the second study that when subjects empathized with seniors, they tended to lengthen the duration of the green light of the traffic light. The findings from the two experimental studies provide insights into user research for interface design; when empathy by perspective taking is implemented, user researchers will perform better.
Key Words
인터페이스 디자인, 사용자 조사, 공감, Interface design, user research, empathy
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