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Vol.34, No.0, 457 ~ 467, 2012
An Exploration of Textile Pattern Design Among Three main Categories of Children`s Fashion Brands Spun off from Adult`s Fashion Brands
이은옥 Lee Eun-oak
This paper explores and compares the textile pattern and motive design among national fashion brands, licensed fashion fashion brands and imported fashion brands of children`s wears. In particular, this study put it focus on childeren`s fashion brands spun off from adult`s fashion brands. A total of thirty brands-ten brands for each national, licensed, and imported brands-is selected for the study. The color, motive type, motive layout, motive expression, and pattern drawing technique of products are cross-sectionally examined and compared. The analyses show that national brands apply their unique textile design used in adult fashion products to children`s textile wears in order to show the consistent and unique characteristics of their brands. Licensed brands and imported brands, on the other hand, apply their brand name and logo on their products to express their motive and differentiate their products.
Key Words
텍스타일패턴디자인, 패션 모브랜드, 아동 확장브랜드, Textile Pattern Design, Fashion Brand, Children`s Extension brand
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