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Vol.34, No.0, 447 ~ 457, 2012
The Study of Creative Environment and Factor for Designer`s Group Genius - The Creative stimulus factor and environment for designer -
박지다 Park Jee-da
Now a days, the new trend is illuminate on humanities and art simultaneously. Especially, this new wave is more increasing according to new interesting of Steven Jobs, Apple and Apple`s independent design. Except design sector, the other education sector and the industrial world seeks to a new creative idea and thinking source in the art. But, the design education field can`t possibly avoid being criticized for having been negligent towards its people in design field. In creative design, the most important factor is the designer`s individual capabilities. Accordingly it is critical for new students and designers that the understanding of individual and group creative stimulus is studied. This study is research on the design environment for the Group Genius of designer. For this purpose, first, what the creative stimulus factor can influence to the designer in creative design has been researched. And the creative environment in design organization has been extracted.
Key Words
크리에이티브 촉진요소, 디자인 교육, 크리에이티브 환경, Creative stimulus factor, Design education, Creative Environment
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