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Vol.34, No.0, 381 ~ 392, 2012
Relevance between Preferring Style Choices and Fashion Brand Acceptance from the Lifestyle of Undergraduate Students
한정아 Han Chung-ah
The lifestyle of consumers with high purchasing power also accelerates the diversity what is changing in the digital age. Fashion awareness and delivery of information by the media faster fashion cycle progressively shorter periods is becoming various. Therefore, fashion brand positioning tasks can be done to help with becoming significant in order to set the target market segmentation in setting for the target market through AIO method. Undergraduate students were surveyed with participating lots of men were answered questionnaires. The first move of lifestyle & color research according to the preferred color the type of simple/ focusing only product/ conservative fashion indifferent type, normal / Dispersion Cool avoidance type affinity was higher cool color preference in the series, additional spherical fashion, self-expression/ pursuit of personality, fashion leaders neutral type affinity in the series was higher. Preferring the life style, regardless of family cool color series appear to be the preferred color series that showed no difference in affinity. Type of lifestyle active and cheerful indifference conservative fashion), fashion types and ordinary pursuit / evasion type Dispersion youthful, elegant and simple commodity-oriented type male, self-expression / personality types and preferring fashion styles seeking urban preferred & brother-oriented, modern style were identified as: Conservative type of lifestyle, fashion sense of apathy had appeared to be the most preferred, except for this type of lifestyle, the contemporary sense was that the most preferred. Association between lifestyle and the sensitivity of the sensitivity has been identified as the most. According to the purchase price for lifestyle properties for Fashion/ Fashion indifferent/ conservative types that a lot of buying low-priced and low-appeared, and the purchase of up to fashion style type difference was shown. Production-oriented atmosphere, according to the preferred style, color preferences and elegant women, the disapproval of family series, advanced & Maintenance and urban & modern, active and cheerful family of a neutral tone, youthful, elegance and masculinity, femininity and exotic mystery rustic blue sky , blue, green, cool color of the family, the elegant & classic &noble brown, purple color of the neutral series appears to be the most preferred direction oriented atmosphere was different, depending on your preferred style. Regardless of the style used to be the price of the preferred appeared, and shopping districts of Seoul, the center has been identified as preferred. Femininity and preferred brands rustic exotic mystery style the designer brand, except it prefers directing style is oriented atmosphere, the National brand was identified as the most preferred. Price regardless of the form of purchases of Seoul, the center appeared to be the most. In particular, the fashion center of Seoul, the purchase cost of the purchase of expensive units have been identified by many. National brands of your favorite brands, designer of the purchase price of the brand is owned by the largest number appeared, and character brands and private brands appeared to be a lot of buying low-priced brand was the difference. Fashion and Beauty Fashion of the properties in the area a popular acceptance of a certain preferred style can be seen in the process of a gradual rise, climax, falling to the periodicity appears, fashion consumers in a particular time and situation is temporary and cyclical phenomenon that is selected by is.
Key Words
라이프스타일, 선호스타일, 패션브랜드 수용, Lifestyle, Preferring Style, Fashion Brand Acceptance
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