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Vol.34, No.0, 371 ~ 381, 2012
A Study on the Coffee Consumption Types according to the Consumer`s Lifestyle - focused on `coffee lovers` consumption type -
박경하 Park Kyoung-ha , 이지수 Lee Ji-soo , 방한나 Bang Han-na
In modern days, people increasingly pursue their own tastes, with more subdivided and specialized needs for favorite food. Considering consumption of coffee, it shows that people fully satisfied with instant coffee in the past, more often visit specialized coffee shops to enjoy brewed coffee. It has consequently brought a drastic change in the coffee market. More houses have personal coffee makers, which offer the most suitable method to gratify personal taste. Recently, capsule coffee products have been newly introduced and rapidly become popular. With the products, consumers can relish high-quality coffee at home as if they had at a professional coffee shop. Coffee consumers do not stay just sipping the coffee served, but step forward to choose what they want as per their tastes and situations with their expertise on coffee. However, there are few studies on favorite food, which are getting diversified and itemized day by day. Studies on coffee, in particular, should categorize consumers in more details according to their motives and propensity to consume. Thus, this study aims to contribute to the development of coffee marketing industry through analyzing their propensity in detail. It will also conduct surveys to investigate consumers` insights with regard to changes of coffee culture and sophisticated taste along with growing consumption of capsule coffee products and current trends. The results will yield new ideas for future directions to revitalize marketing and how to cope with ever-changing markets.
Key Words
커피시장, 라이프스타일, 소비 성향, Coffee market, Lifestyle, Propensity to consume
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