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Vol.34, No.0, 207 ~ 219, 2012
the study on the form ativeness of typography applying optical art : concentrate upon the work production
유영옥 You Young-ok
As a genre of design, typography encompassed the visual design and print media such as posters, editorial design, advertising design, website design etc. The meaning and representation of the typography gradually becomes not only deeper and various, but also its range and areas are expanding. By improving the efficient and proper formative element in this area, the visual communication was made. Because the typography was read as well as seen, both sides of the visual aspect and the language aspect must be satisfied. Typography should show the creative possibilities for the important role of the communication with readers who represent the designer`s intent. To satisfy this, the message of typography is structured, and required the organized information. In this study, among the historical development of the typography according to the visual perception, which began right after pop art in the early 1960s, we focused on the formative possibility of typography by applying the combination of optical art and typography seeking the pure visual illusion using the principle of optical illusion. Since the industrial revolution, the study re-established the historical flow of typography and optical art through the change process and design feature. After the First World War until today, this study examined the diversification and progress of the sensitive artistic ideas and expressions, analyzed the related trend through the researcher`s case study and in the formative aspect purposed for viewing the development of `op-typography`.
Key Words
`옵-타이포그라피`, 타이포그라피, 옵아트, 조형성, `op-typography`, typography, optical, formativeness
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