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Vol.34, No.0, 197 ~ 207, 2012
Research on the Visual Cognitivity of Urban Plaza - Focused on preference and complexity -
서주환 Suh Joo-hwan , 최유나 Choi Yoo-na
The purpose of this study is to examine the quantitative relationships between physical properties of urban plaza and psychological response of human with a target of urban plaza through psychophysical approach which can describe the relationship between physical factors and responses among landscape analytical methods, and to present the standard to form varied and harmonious landscape of urban plaza. We would like to claim the importance of impact of variations of spatial components on the environmental preference in this study. The study was conducted with plants and users among physical variations. The findings obtained through this study are as follows. In the case of plant, physical variables and visual preference did not show any relationship with visual preference, and quantities showed that feels visually complex With increasing. In the case of users, relationship between variation of physical variables and visual preference was formed and the highest preference was shown when the physical variation was 7 %, and quantities showed that feels visually complex With increasing like the plant did. In the case of relationship between visual preference and complexity of landscape, it was shown that the complexity of plant did not affect the preference very much. On the other hand, in the case of experiment with user as a variable, unlike the plant, the complexity had the correlation with the preference. This result showed that the preference was decreased when physical variation was more than an appropriate level. Through these results, the preference for landscapes did not depend on the variations of factors that make up the landscape, but the best preference was shown when many factors such as variation, design and personal variable were harmonious.
Key Words
도시 광장, 선호성, 복잡성, Urban Plaza, Preference, Complexity
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