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Vol.34, No.0, 183 ~ 197, 2012
A Study on the Clothing Image of Highly Effective Worker and Professional Image
유희 Yoo Hee , 최선형 Choi Sun-hyung
For the positive and strategic appearance management for workers, this study clarified the professional image and the clothing image of highly effective worker focusing on the goal-oriented point of appearance management as well as examined the relationships between two images. This research used the data collected from a total of 1056 workers engaged in 10 occupational classes. The results are as follows: First, the factors of clothing image of highly effective worker are`normative image`, `dynamic image`, `luxury image`, `sensuous image` and `authoritative image`. Second, there are statistically significant differences in the importance of these factors according to 10 occupational classes, Normative, dynamic and luxury images are ranked important and common. Third, the professional images consist of 4 factors as `openness`, `leadership`, `integration` and `economic power`. Fourth, these professional image factors are positively or negatively affected by clothing image factors. Findings of this study present the archetypes of clothing image according to occupational classes and the effects of clothing image on reinforcing professional images.
Key Words
의복이미지, 프로페셔널 이미지, 전략적 외모관리, clothing image, professional image, strategic appearance management in workplace
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