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Vol.34, No.0, 169 ~ 182, 2012
A Study on Representational Characteristics of Emotional Space Using Interaction Design - Centering on National Business Promotion Centers -
김현지 Kim Hyun-ji , 문정민 Moon Jeong-min
As emotional design which appeals to human nature has been emphasized, our society is advancing into human emotional society where humans are in the center of all the results. For such entry into emotional society, much effort has been made to achieve more organized activities and interaction. Thus, business promotion centers as a marketing space which only provides functions and efficiency are changing to meet the trend of the popular. In particular, as companies make an emotional access to space with an intention to communicate with customers, the business centers have been recreated as a field of emotional communication. This study aims to interpret characteristics and meaning of interaction design and emotional space in modern society through theoretical examination. For the purpose, the study identified characteristics of interaction design and emotional space through bibliographical examination and extracted connective key words. Based on the key words obtained, the study made an analytical framework on characteristics of interaction design and representational methods of emotional space, and analysed the characteristics of interaction design and the cases of representational methods of emotional space in order to provide theoretical data on the relations between them for business promotion centers. As a result, the business promotion centers are communicating with users through representation with space for interaction in various ways using images of each business. They can be cultural space for diversified communication through appropriate representation that information is provided and experiences are induced through interaction design, experiences are induced through interaction design. In particular, movement, space provided, appearance and texture were considered as important elements of interaction design and emotional space representation. Also, it was discovered that our sensory stimulation can be maximized through experiences of five senses as media of communication in interaction design and emotional space. It is suggested that business promotion centers will be a new space which contributes to innovation and creation as a field of new sensory experience and communication as well as a means of promoting business brands through representation of emotional space using interaction design.
Key Words
국내기업홍보관, 인터랙션 디자인, 감성공간, National Enterprise Promotion Centers, Interaction Design, Emotional Space
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