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Vol.34, No.0, 157 ~ 169, 2012
A Research on wearing practice, Design Preferences, and the fit of the Blue Jeans on female university students in Korea and China.
오순 Oh Soon , 임정순 Yim Jeoung-soon
Regardless of age or sex, blue jeans are considered a practical and everyday item of clothing. The aim of this research is to compare and analyse via questionnaire the design preferences of Korean and Chinese female university students with regards to blue jeans. It is focused on understanding the changes in their attitudes towards size and fit, and how this affects choice of blue jeans. According to the research, female students in Korean universities are highly considering the design and fit of jeans. Therefore, they tend to prefer tight and low-rise jeans. The average jean size of Chinese female students is about one size bigger than that of Korean students. Compared to the preferred jeans of Korean students, Chinese students are more likely to prefer relatively bigger sizes and high-waisted jeans, which indicates that Chinese female students place more value on comfort. In this research, female students of both countries didn`t have outstanding requirements regarding the size and price of jeans; however, their first consideration of choosing the right jeans is dependent on design regardless of nationality. Students from the two countries have different opinions about the second consideration: Korean students place more value on style and fit of jeans other than the design, while Chinese students tend to prefer comfort as their second consideration on choosing the jeans. The purchasing attitudes toward jeans by both Korean and Chinese female students indicates that they place more value on fashion trends and aesthetics, and at the same time, they pay more attention to the price and its practicality. In addition to this, they also tend to prefer jeans that fit perfectly and are of a high quality.
Key Words
청바지 착용실태, 선호디자인, 맞음새, BlueJeans wearing practice, design preferences, fit
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