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Vol.34, No.0, 133 ~ 143, 2012
Effects Visual Factors of Outdoor Advertisement has on Consumers` Perception - Focused on a signboard -
박인성 Park In-seong
The research analyzed the visual effects outdoor advertisement has on consumers and selected font, size and pictogram of texts on it among other factors to design an experiment. The experiment result showed that the consumers` perception on outdoor stores varies depending on how it is composed. First, upon examining advertisement attitude, store attitude and intent to use based on how outdoor advertisement is composed, they all showed to be significantly affected. Second, the research examined if the intent to use is affected by the outdoor advertisement. Though the result was different by experiment, experiment 1 and 3 showed that both advertisement attitude and store attitude to affect the intent to use whereas 4 showed store attitude to be the only factor affecting the advertisement attitude. The research result is meaningful in that it can provide useful information when selecting appropriate advertisement method for outdoor advertisemented in the future. It will also provide consumer with the right strategy and perspective based on the result.
Key Words
옥외광고, 시각적 자극요소, 수용자반응, 광고효과, Outdoor advertisement, Visual Factors, Consumers` Perception, Advertising effectivene
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