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Vol.34, No.0, 121 ~ 132, 2012
A Study on Effect of Brand Preference on Collaboration Design - Focused on Cosmetic Package -
정문주 Jung Moon-joo , 손원준 Son Won-jun
They are trying to differentiate and increase the collectible value of products with the collaboration of a wide range of concerned fields in recent cosmetics industry. Rational factors, such as functionality or quality, can be easily leveled and make it difficult to differentiate, but consumers have consumed the products by the desired new value-added emotional element. Therefore, it is necessary to study the relation between the collaboration and the consumers` emotions. In this study, the impacts on, the first, the consumer`s emotional consumption value and, the second, the brand preference and, the third, the intention to purchase by the cosmetic package, applied to the product by the collaboration, have been compared one another. The study shows that the products applying the well-known character types and the products applying artists` uniqueness are both successfully providing good sensitivity. The study also shows that consumers are more interested in purchasing the artists related products because of their freshness and scarcity value. Therefore, companies should try hard to find out better successful strategic collaboration.
Key Words
아트 마케팅, 콜라보레이션, 코스메틱 패키지, Art Marketing, Collaboration, Cosmetic Package
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