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Vol.34, No.0, 99 ~ 108, 2012
An analysis on Color of Public Furniture on Sunyudo Park - Focused on Analysis of Information·Service Facilities -
여화선 Yeo Hwa-sun , 서주환 Suh Joo-hwan , 임교아 Lim Kyo-a
Nowadays, parks are not just an area for resting, but has become an cultural area to represent the city. To form an image of a park, construction, street design, public facilities and surrounding environment needs to be considered. Thus, to integrate such image, the key component is the colors. In the past, public facilities were just to provide comfort to the users. However, recently, public facilities focus on functional requirements and further more to satisfy sensibility. Therefore, in this paper, we investigated the major facilities that form the environment of Sunyudo Park, design a new environment of the park based on the investigation and analyze the colors of the public facilities to enhance the image of the park with differential and uniqueness among other parks. The research scope for this paper as follows by; Sunyudo Park for area scope and for content scope, information·service facilities in Sunyudo Park to research the color that shows differential and uniqueness among facilities of other parks. For research method, we conducted site investigation of the park two times to examine and observe the current state of the facilities of Sunyudo Park and the colors of it. For investigation, we gathered information, took photographs and observed colorimetrics. Also, we analyzed the colors through spectrophotometer and made “I.R.I Adjective image scale” to check how users really feel using the facility. The result in this paper, we have driven that despite of the limitation of material and color, the public facilities of Sunyudo Park has differential among other parks and provide various feelings towards it. This paper will be the basis of expanding the study of public design that is limited to material and color.
Key Words
공공시설물, 색채, 선유도 공원, Public Furniture, Color, Sunyudo Park
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