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Vol.33, No.0, 263 ~ 273, 2011
Responses and Effects of Korean & Chinese Consumers to Advertisement of New Trend Product - Targeting iPhone4 Launching CF -
장운 Jang Won , 김선주 Kim Sun-joo
Due to the market saturation and the digital convergence phenomenon in communication market, the structure with low growth and low profit is being fixed. Accordingly, the mobile communication industry, which is getting fierce gradually, is grappling with seeking new strategy through advertisement in order to form corporate brand image and to increase competitiveness. This study is what empirically compared and verified this with seeing consumers` responses, namely, advertising attitude, brand attitude, purchasing intention, and advertising visual preference as the advertising effects through iPhone 4G TV-CF launching advertisement between Korea and China, which are developing the advertising activity effectively by using the advertising communication frame through CF advertising, which expressed with technical aspect and emotional story. As a result of research, China`s iPhone 4G TV-CF launching advertisement was indicated to be more positive and effective in all the aspects of advertising attitude, brand attitude, and purchasing intention, which are the central research problems of this study. Also, in the most impressive image part in iPhone 4G launching CF advertising of Korea and China, the positive advertising effect could be confirmed to be formed in the family-based harmonious and emotional scene. This was proved that subjects in two countries weren`t shown significant difference in cultural value of each country in I*Phone 4G advertising of Korea and China. This study is suggested that a strategic frame of advertising in line with each generation through globalization has effective and useful value, rather than containing cultural emotion of each country in advertising as for a brand advertising marketing strategy of similar item hereafter.
Key Words
뉴트렌드제품 광고, 선호광고 트렌드, 광고효과, New Product Ad., Preference Ad. Trend, Advertising effects
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