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Vol.33, No.0, 223 ~ 233, 2011
Technical Expressive Characteristics of Materials in Digital Architecture
류호창 Lyu Ho-chang
After the big change had been made in architectural shapes and materials mainly due to the usage of digital technologies as creative working tools, new possibilities of architectural materials and those fabrication process in digital architecture have been sought. As function -oriented design concept shifted to the sensuous and expressive concerns, digital technologies are mainly used to enhance the expressive characters of materials. Thus, this study was focused to analyze technical expressive characteristics of materials in digital architecture. The results of the study are as follows; 1) By adapting digital device and technology aggressively, architectural materiality tends to be more dematerialized, and unprecedented level of intricate details of material finishes leads to more sensuous experience. 2) Digital image manipulation systems and engraving technology and digital perforation technology are used to produce new interpretation of materials such as dematerialization by denying conventional image of materials. 3) the limitation of two-dimensional material expression is overcome by combining cutting-edge three-dimensional digital fabrication technologies showing intricate constructional skills.
Key Words
디지털 건축, 재료적 표현, 디지털 디자인 프로세스, 디지털 패브리케이션, digital architecture, material expression, digital design process, digital fabrication
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