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Vol.33, No.0, 211 ~ 223, 2011
A Research of Traditional Wedding Costumes In ChungCheong Province
정복희 Jung Bok-hee
This study was conducted based on the idea of aiming at succeeding to and developing our own national tradition by classifying systematically the traditional wedding clothes dressed in ChungCheong province, and finding out their characteristics. There are two kinds of wedding dress; one is used for family and the other is for villagers in ChungCheong province. The characteristics of the wedding dress is a ready-made one whose size is larger and baggier than the ordinary one. The dress bridegroom`s dress is to be worn regardless of their status, and bride`s dress and ornaments according to the rich and the poor. In the process of study, the fact that traditional wedding had been standardized was found. As wedding costumes are nationally-designated one, and are in the same category across the nation, it is meaningless in itself to find out the characteristics of typical pattern in a certain province. It can be said that a lot of existing theses have made mistakes owing to the absence of exact concept on it * Wedding dress is considered as outer clothing wedded at wedding ceremony. * Wedding dress is unrelated to season. * For women, wedding dress regarded as the one used for the first marriage. 1.Classification of wedding costumes was indicated in mark. 2. Since wedding ceremony is standardized, it has a unilateral form nationwide. Thus, the difference depending on provinces means the change within the form of standardization. `Wedding dress in a district` should be dealt with according to the wedding tradition. 3. Wearing the unlined summer jacket made of ramie fabric has been generally thought to be helping women to have a comfortable life in the parents-in-law´s house without much difficulty. However, it seems more likely to be thought of as the means to lower the high temperature caused by stress and anxiety while spending long hours at the wedding, and as the revelation of mother`s deep consideration of her daughter as well.
Key Words
전통혼례, 혼례복식, 충청지방, traditional wedding, traditional costume, Chugngcheong province
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