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Vol.20, No.0, 135 ~ 146, 2008
A Study on the Festival-Brand integrating of Wellness - focusing on Yong-In festival in 2007 -
이선하 Lee Seon-ha , 장완영 Jang Wan-young
This time when we live is pursuing the thing of above the simple quality, so the importance of the brand that raise value of product is becoming larger consequently day by day. Furthermore the competitive power of the brand is going that of the individual, the company, and the nation, and there is easily to be seen to concentrate to the brand from here and there and to endeavor to excavate new idea for that. In this study, I analyze the festival present condition of domestic through the theme which is a festival brand and try to draw creative brand identity from festival resource. I try to find the plan which our festival is becoming not only domestic but also becoming world-wide brand, in the link that look around the competitive power of wellness with festival brand from Yong-in.
Key Words
브랜드 경영, 축제 브랜드, 웰니스, Brand Management, Festival-Brand, Wellness
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