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Vol.20, No.0, 93 ~ 103, 2008
Digital An Analysis on the Golden Section in Digital Camera Designs - Focusing on CANON IXUS 75, PENTAX OPTIO M30, NICON COOLPIX S20
김동호 Kim Dong-ho
Golden Section is the most reasonable and ideal proportion that has been used since the ancient Greek times to date, from which Golden Rectangle and Golden Spiral can be created. Ancient people applied this proportion to art activities including mathematics, architecture, and sculpture while it is also widely used today in practical life such as architecture, art, and even credit cards. Golden Section, in this way, is the proportion most comfortably appreciated and its formula entails all objects including animals, plants, universe, and the world of nature. All the subjects surrounding us in the present day have the formula of Golden Section in them whether intended or unintended. Accordingly, this paper examined the Golden Section in digital camera designs, one of the common items people use nowadays and discovered elements developed from within, the hidden stable structure, which could stimulate purchase desire of consumers. The three digital cameras used for this Golden Section analysis were randomly selected from the most popular models in 2007, that is, Cannon `IXUS 75` and Pentax `OPTIO M30` and Nicon `COOLPIX S200`. In the analysis of Golden Rectangle and Golden Spiral on the front and reverse of these three models, a number of straight lines and spirals were found consistent with the formula. The discovery is strictly restricted to Golden Section with a total exclusion of structural contents innate in the camera, based on the facts approached from the perspective of visual elements.
Key Words
황금분할, 황금사각형, 황금나선, 디지털카메라, Golden Section, Golden Rectangle, Golden Spiral, Digital Camera
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