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Vol.25, No.0, 113 ~ 123, 2009
A Study on the Optimizing Direction for Promoting Effect of the Exhibition Communication at Natural History Museum
송기혜 Song Ki-hae
First of all, the way of this research is made up to derive the way that optimize exhibition communication of the natural history museum, after review literature about the exhibition communication. And after several display masses and the effects derived to classify with five categories of ①entrance, ②biology, ③earth science, ④ecosystem and ⑤etc, and analyze how to be applied in four cases, it makes a plan to present the exact guideline that direction based in now seoul`s west gate nature history museum. In the end, it views how the optimized production guideline that is planed in special space can be applied in the large scale natural history museum where is going to be founded in our country hereafter.
Key Words
자연사 박물관, 커뮤니케이션, 최적화 연출, Natural History Museum, Communication, Optimizing Direction
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