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Vol.25, No.0, 15 ~ 23, 2009
A Color Reaction of Charcoal Natural dye-Focused on Dyed Silk Fabrics-
박선영 Seon-yeong Park
The purpose of this study is to dye silk fabric with various surface color tone using charcoal powder according to different mordants. The different mordants were FeSO4.7H2O, K2SO4.Al2(SO4)3.24H2O, NaCl. The dyeability was evaluated by △E value, K/S value and durability of dye. Silk fabrics were dyed three times by the post-mordanting method L.R was set to 1:100(owf), 3%(owf), the temperature was set at 60℃. The duration of both dyeing and mordating was 60 min.. The results are as follows; 1.The dyed silk fabrics showed the C value of 03. to 1.3 and the V value of 3.7 to 5.4, H value of 2.2Y to 3.6Y, △E value of 41.97 to 57.1. 2.When mordants were added, the K/S value of all dyed silks did not improved. 3.The color fastness to light of all dyed silks tests showed 4th degree. 4.The color fastness to fade washing of dyed silks was 1st to 3rd degree. 5.The color fastness to perspiration showed 4th to 5th degree.
Key Words
숯, 표면색, 매염제, Charcoal, Surface Color, mordants
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