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Vol.24, No.0, 53 ~ 67, 2009
A Research for Figurative Language of Media Technology Art Using Light - Focusing on Light Art -
김재원 Kim Jae Won
As the 20th century began, studies on solutions to enable practical experience, not idealistic appreciation, by applying the essence of beauty to real life have been continued. Today, use of new media due to the rapid development media technology functions as an important factor changing the quality of art rather than mere expansion of expression methods. Therefore, the current study aims to establish characteristics of media technology corresponding to the advanced technological society and expand areas of creation in order to find the foundation for development of up-to-date scientific media in terms of art history before analyzing and studying the influence of electronic art on modern art. In particular, use of light occupies a big portion in modern formative art, so it is impossible to remind formative art without regard of light in the view of that it is another visual art. In addition, by a tradition applying technology to art in the beginning of the 20th century, technological factors were considered new challenge at the same time it succeeded clear tradition of modern art by using light for movement and glitter of light suggested by the manifesto of Futurists. Also in 1970s, this attempt presented a new formative possibility of combination between art and science by using light like artificial light or natural light as expression materials of works. In light art, light evokes an illusion that light stimulates sense, and further, makes feel as if it is felt and touched, not just an element lighting and forming space. Therefore, the current study examines art historical development of media technology art and its characteristics as formative language, and analyze correlations between modern art and electronic art through the concept of light art and formative characteristics on the basis of the purposes of the study. Accordingly, the study a meaning to establish the state of media technology art as a medium of new modern formative art by studying the influence of light on space in light art works using up-to-date scientific methods introduced in this century, expression methods of light, spatial constituent elements and their relationships with light, spatial formative feature by light, and works of artists.
Key Words
미디어 테크놀러지 아트, 전자예술, 라이트아트, Media Technology Art, Electronic Art, Light Art
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