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Vol.23, No.0, 7 ~ 17, 2009
Study on the development campaign goods for the Project Identity of the restoration of the Manchurian Black Bear population
정의철 Jung Eui-chul , 박영순 Park Young Soon , 이현주 Lee Hyun Ju , 이성식 Lee Sung Sik , 이지현 Lee Jee Hyun , 김규희 Kim Kyu Hee , 오세환 Oh Se Hwan , 이주형 Lee Joo Hyung , 방현수 Bang Hyun Su , 홍윤정 Hong Yun Jung
This study is to develop Public Relations campaign goods for the endangered Manchurian Black Bears of Jiri Mountain. This study belongs to the third phase of the project. The P.I (Project Identity) was developed symbolically and a representative cartoon character was designed through the first and second phases respectively. The objective of this study is to induce people to be interested in and to participate in endangered species activism directly and indirectly by developing useful products from previous phases. A product portfolio is suggested by considering P.R. strategies. Design factors from the first and second phases are utilized. Depending on the nature of the items, some products are designed by emphasizing P.I images and some are designed mainly with cartoon character images. To select final product design reflecting the target user`s preferences, one thousand subjects responds to a questionnaire. Through the analysis of the questionnaire, the final products are selected and designed by assigning products appropriately for the product portfolio in order to effectively, strategically, and simultaneously promote the protection and restoration of the Manchurian Black Bear.
Key Words
멸종위기 종복원 사업, 응용상품 개발, P.I(Project Identity), The restoration of endangered animals, Develop usage products
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