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Vol.22, No.0, 79 ~ 93, 2009
A study on fashion and make-up trends
김지연 Jee Yeon Kim
Total fashion means to create a harmonious images of dressing-up elements such as the trimmings, make-up, hairstyle, hats, shoes and accessories flexibly tuning to trends with an aesthetic sense of each age. This study is aimed to put the general fashion into an updated shape by researching clothes, and make-up that well reflect the recent trends of fashion and the collective notion of beauty. The purpose of this study is to understand the concept of trend and total fashion, and to follow their movement by interacting with the same trend. Fashion and make-up trends that were popular in Korea in the last five years were observed by categorizing them into spring/summer, and fall/winter groups. The research was conducted using Internet data, referring to related books, newspapers, magazines and preceding research results. As an outcome, Romanticism, Naturalism, Futurism and Retro were mainly recycled in Fashion and Makeup trend. The theme of the same trend seems to be expressed in different ways. I believe that they are under way to represent the same trend.
Key Words
트렌드, 패션 트렌드, 메이크업 트렌드, trend, fashion trend, make-up trend
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