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Vol.22, No.0, 67 ~ 79, 2009
A study of Feminist Artists` self-portrait paintings on defense mechanism of self-healing elements - Emphasis on Frida Kahlo and Chun Kyung Ja`s paintings -
정영인 Chung Young-in
Many artists from every part of the world demonstrate how human beings are eager to express their feelings through their self-portraits. Creating a self-portrait generates more positive outputs than just giving an opportunity to reflect on themselves. It alleviates one`s hurtful feelings building such a powerful defense mechanism while working on their artworks. This study is to compare and contrast two feminist artists` self-portraits -Frida Kahlo and Chun Kyung Ja- to conclude that their art works are used as a tool for the self-healing. Their main themes in their artworks are defense mechanism - symbolization, conversion, and sublimation. Both artists were depressed with the pain of unhappy marriage life. This fact is commonly expressed in their self-portrait to overcome their spiritual scars. The main characters that they introduced frequently are flowers, butterflies, and snakes such animals. By painting those characters repeatedly, it cures their pain inside by symbolizing their unconscious pain to conscious meaningful self-healing. Whenever they feel the pain inside, they covert the pain in action by drawing as many self-portraits as they can. There are many drawings that expressed many thoughts about the agony and temptation of death. They put effort to sublime the pain through the paintings. There are many studies about art therapy being observed using art works as cure remedy as an example, however, it is very rare to introduce art therapy being observed as self cure composite through artists` creative art works. Thus, I strongly suggest looking into developing a program using art therapy in whole not only for artists` self-portrait skills.
Key Words
방어기제, 자화상, 자아치유, 프리다 칼로, 천경자, defense mechanism, Self-portrait, self-healing, Frida Kahlo, Chun Kyung Ja
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