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Vol.22, No.0, 37 ~ 47, 2009
Study of Package Status for Specialization of Domestic Rice Brand
박정희 Park Jeong-hei , 이완표 Lee Wan-pyo
The purpose of this study is to analyze the consumers` purchase behaviors by graphical analysis and survey and improve the competitiveness against the competitors based on the results of the survey. The status and theoretical background were reviewed and brand strategy was examined. In the last part of the study, graphical factors of the domestic brand packages were analyzed and survey was conducted for a empirical study. The contents of the study are as follow. In chapter 1, the background, method and range of the study were proposed. In chapter 2, the status of domestic rice market and brands were examined. In chapter 3, the designs of representative rice brands was analyzed. In chpater 4, a survey was conducted to the consumers. Competitive and high-value rice brands should have competitiveness in the price, taste, quality, manufacturing background, and convenient package design as well. As imported and low-price rice brands are coming into the domestic market, the satisfaction and recognition by the consumers should be increased in order to secure the competitiveness since the consumers consider the taste of the rice as the most important factor.
Key Words
쌀패키지, 브랜드, brand, rice package
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