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Vol.21, No.0, 107 ~ 117, 2008
The Study on the Concept of Space Design Marketing and the Background of Its Emergence
박성신 Pak Sungsine , 이상호 Sangho Yi
This study starts with clarifying the concept of space design marketing and classifying space types. Space in architecture has ceased to merely perform its basic function of accommodating people`s behaviors; instead, it serves as a medium impressing on the consumer images that represent corporate identity or brand identity. This study then goes on to examine the background in which space design marketing has emerged by tracing changes in marketing space in a historical review of architecture and to reconfirm it in the context of changes in marketing environment and in the theoretical underpinnings. Ultimately, this study aims to probe into space design from various angles and highlight the importance of space design that ought to be recognized as the core value of corporations.
Key Words
공간 디자인마케팅, 생산공간, 소비공간, 소비자혜택공간, BI, CI, Space Design Marketing, Production Space, Consumption Space, onsumers` Benefit Space
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