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Vol.21, No.0, 55 ~ 64, 2008
Analysis of Storyboard Following the Production techniques by Animation - Focused on Mise-en-scene
이태구 Lee Tae-gu , 김재현 Kim Jae-hyun
Recently animation has been developed into various and experimental ones due to the introduction of new expression and techniques. The progress results from the advance of the digital technology and form systematic study on the animation aesthetics. These results give rise to outcomes in several overseas animation festivals. Full-length animations suffer from the limitation of the production from long subcontract works. On the contrary, short animations have competitive power owing to experience in the independent creation. Present work shows that it is crucial to link the production based on the story telling and montague by editing in full-length animations and the production based on mise-en-scene to promote the suspense and to deliver the artistic sensibility in short animations. We also present the analysis of the story boards of various media and modes of shots that are characteristic elements of animation aesthetics, which is expected to serve a foundation of further works on the mise-en-scene
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