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Vol.20, No.0, 273 ~ 283, 2008
Developing Tourism Resources and Use Images with High Contrast
김진영 Kim Jin Young
Tourism is a personal experience of discrimination is provided by the image of tourism development and success in building its tourist industry can be directly related. We are in the process of developing a vast tourism resources, resources are being committed hardware style tend to concentrate on development. This is due to the development of photographic images into digital environment that can be recorded and value creation as well as memory unique tourism service providers can take advantage of playing the lead.First, there is a high-contrast image is the difference between a sensibility that. Night sight emphasized that Hong Kong from overseas, including the Sydney Opera House protest ancient rain is the difference between the sensibilities of the good practices developed in tourism resources can be called. In a beautiful night view and full of trees on both sides of the installation works, winter season lights in the night-time schedule to use the ski area has developed to provide fantastic images. Second, high-contrast image with resources to develop tourism. Night view operation is designed for tourists in public business vigorous Tongyoung Bridge is a good case. June 2008 and the Korea National Tourism Corporation, which is a 5-night trip to a place chosen topic. If the experience of the festival, including the lights in the form of contributions to the regional economy. Nearby on the lights in the service of using our resources, the sky lounge, as well as sales offices highlighted a bird`s eye view lights on, and exotic hotel in the city, the program emphasizes the development of mood, the theme park is opening night of fireworks and nightly parade or development night open. Moreover, a virtual reality game in the realistic feel of the game and a great night view of the user`s eye fantastic and can be seen even higher the expected future resource utilization party.
Key Words
고대비, 관광 이미지 개발, 경험의 질, High-Contrast, Tourist Image Development, Quality of Experience
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