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Vol.18, No.0, 263 ~ 272, 2008
The importance of advertising in University environment design
이영화 Lee Young-hwa
We are currently experiencing media which have become complicated each day by multimedia. The mutually complementary relationship between existing media and newly arising media requires a new communication paradigm in university advertising and promotion. University have enjoyed a firm position, more than any other type of professional organization, but since 2003 they have been quickly reorganized from being university-oriented to student-oriented. Also, as it is supposed that there will be a threat of an approaching outside power along with the opening of the educational market, university began changing from a medium of academic research to a marketing perspective, which offers a service, namely education. Furthermore, they commenced to demand the introduction of a new paradigm to university operation. Therefore, this study aims to conduct research into the importance of advertising and promotional strategies which elevate the image of this college environmental change, tuned to a rapidly changing digital era.
Key Words
대학, 광고홍보, University, Advertising, Promotional
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