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Vol.18, No.0, 107 ~ 121, 2008
Study of Hyper-reality of Digital Image In Cinema
정종완 Jung Jong-wan , 김성영 Kim Sung-young
It is possible to express digital image that couldn`t suppose rapid technological development related with computer graphic in cinema. At the same time, it has brought paralysis of visual sensation. Especially, it is feasible to represent sophistication using new technology. That is, Not being true is believed with truth firmly. Needless to say, highly developed technology of expressing is foreseen in stage of popularization of media. opening sound of bottle, for example, is utilized with breaking sound of a ballon in processing of making film. Because the latter is sounded by imaging standardization. Eventually, whether it is true or not depends on how much it is sufficient mind of spectators. And it is by no means how much it is reappeared perfectly. Digital image in cinema delivers pleasant imagination and strong impression of people and it is completed through hyper-reality. Here is theoretical foundation of Baudrillard. Now I am going to analysis digital picture image in cinema
Key Words
하이퍼-리얼리티, 디지털 영상이미지, hyper-reality, digital picture image
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