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Vol.18, No.0, 81 ~ 92, 2008
A Study on the Contemporary Fashion based on the Characteristics of Funology
나현신 Hyun-shin Na
Funology menas the products or activity that combines fun and technology. Nowadays, funology is one of the keywords that explains the current culture. The purpose of this study is to provide the inspirations for the creative fashion carrying funology in the 21st century. The background of funology in fashion could be found in Surrealism and Pop-art. The contemporary fashion in the 21st century also expresses the characteristics of funology based on the people`s pursue of being free from the everyday`s routine. The characteristics of funology in the contemporary fashion were shown as follows: deformation by the exaggeration or transformation, mixture of children`s items, the use of graffiti, patterns with friendly characters, mixture of unusual fabrics. To sum up, fashions showing funology were expressed in various ways among the contemporary fashion. This will provide the great inspirations for creating the new coming fashions and efficient contents for healing cold-hearted emotions of nowaday`s people.
Key Words
퍼놀로지, 초현실주의, 팝아트, 왜곡, 그라피티, funology, Surrealism, Pop-art, deformation, graffiti
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