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Vol.15, No.0, 13 ~ 25, 2007
A Study on the Application of Graphic Panel and Text in Museum Exhibition
권순관 Kwon Soon Kwan
Museum had been felt to boring and uninteresting space being blocked so on frame that is education being realized to second education space. Today, the exhibition may not succeed if museum educates visitor through exhibition, method may do outward appearance to visitor cramming method in exhibition. Today, visitor come to museum to spend leisure time. They want to emit various thing with joy through museum exhibits than education. Visitor come to rest or enjoy not that is come to educate. This study dive into the museum exhibition as communication space than museum exhibition as education space. Being beginning of communication that meaning of exhibit has better be passed to visitor effectively, this is that practical use of medium is following effective exhibition medium. It can divide by 2D, 3D, media and sound mediums. This Study is research to do theoretical study and case study about graphic panel and text in 2D medium that is popularized most. This may become theoretical foundation of exhibition graphic field that research result is less.
Key Words
exhibition medium, graphic panel, exhibits text
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