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Vol.14, No.0, 79 ~ 90, 2006
A Study on the Fundamental Homogeneity of Masks and Graphic images from a Shamanic Perspective
김병옥 Kim Byeong Ok , 최영옥 Choi Young Ok
It is undeniable that contemporary graphic design has made a significant contribution not only as a marketing tool but also to the establishment of intangible asset values. However, it is undesirable for the development of graphic design to neglect the aspect of human nature demanded to graphic design. Therefore, the present study purposed to derive similarity in communication process and functional homogeneity between masks, which are primitive shamanic communication media, and graphic images, and to make a shamanic approach to the instinctive and psychological aspect of humans projected on graphic images. For this purpose, we examined the concept and principles of shamanism, the function and shamanic symbolism of masks, and the communicative correlation between graphic images and masks, and developed the discussion based on related literature. From this study, we confirmed that there is fundamental homogeneity between masks and graphic images through drawing conclusions that graphic images contain shamanic nature and adopt communication structure similar to masks and that they are quite similar in the expression system and method.
Key Words
masks, graphic images, functional homogeneity
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