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Vol.13, No.0, 75 ~ 84, 2006
Study on the Emotion Development of Image Symbolic Representation
곽봉철 Kwak Bong-chul , 이성수 Lee Sung-soo
This thesis proposes direction and purpose of `emoticon`, a series of punctuation characters utilized in the virtualspace of the digital age, based on the resources acquired from analyzing the function and application value of `emoticon`. This presents the definiteness, recognition and utilization of communication mean as characterized symbols and communication method as image signs along with communication role of the emoticon characters hereafter. Accordingly, it once again states the potential for the advancement of emoticon characters, which can be said as the image symbolic language, and further discusses the necessity of research on linguistic symbolism of the cyber space, which would experience the development and increased utility of IT communication means. The argument of this thesis is summarized in the following. 1. Definiteness of formative expressions on symbolism of image communication 2. Reliability measurement on formative expression and recognition of reasonableness 3. Analysis on the necessity of research on utilization method to establish serial and parallel combination of special characters and distinctions of emotional expression as implied expression As the age of IT communication expands, the role and importance of cyber languageused in the cyber space have been brought to spotlight and a researcher on symbolism and formation of such issue has presented the reasonableness of research on the definiteness and recognition of formative expression in design field.
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