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Vol.13, No.0, 59 ~ 69, 2006
A Study on Data-ink and Redundancy at Information Visualization
강성중 Kang Sung Joong
Information design is a series of process and activities to provide right information to right person at right time with efficient methods. Information design goes through organization to group, classify data and visualization to apply graphical elements for enhancing users` cognition. Redundant elements in information visualization can decrease the efficiency of transferring messages. At Shannon and Weaver`s communication model, noise can be generated at signal. While noise should be removed with technical perspective, noise could help the understanding of information with semantic view. Data-ink, suggested by Edward R. Tufte, is the formula to measure the redundant graphic element in data-information graphics. In communication theory, redundancy is not erasable because it makes communication clear and evident with repetition and reconfirmation of messages. For statistical information, notion of data-ink is critical for objectivity of visualizing data. Redundancy is a factor to facilitate interest and experience for audiences by creating participation and storytelling in time-space diagram and narrative information graphics. According to attribute and purpose of information, selection and balance of redundancy and data-ink should be considered.
Key Words
Information Design, Redundancy, Data Ink, Communication model, Noise, Efficiency
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