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Vol.13, No.0, 47 ~ 58, 2006
A Research of Brand Logotype`s by Calligraphy
강명옥 Kang Myung-ok , 정영희 Jung Young Hee
As the industrial structure has been changed from mass production into quality competition in 21st Century, it is to form Brand Identity (BI) through visual communication, which is the most effective in delivery information among other factors to popularize brand identity and image following the rapid advance of market globalization. Corporate needed other differentiating method than quality of goods, which was released everyday, and it`s because consumers became to prefer high quality image while buying more beautiful and good-looking brand goods as well as respecting themselves from standardized product qualities. Soon they began to require a brand which is sensitive and even touching, and so it has been more an more requested for corporations to satisfy the identity by developing visual design as well as to build their own characteristics by differentiating with other products, and it`s still an assignment for any corporations to solve out. Brand Logotype is a modeling of letter design that is expressed with own characteristics, and the Calligraphy, which has global and Korean inclination, is formed with natural and distinguished letters as a manuscript following the global era, and it also heightens the product quality while differentiating other brands` Image. While computer letter font is objective, general and everyone can use it, the Calligraphy is characteristic and distinguished with geometrical digital letters for its feature. Such characteristics of Calligraphy give differentiation and formative beauty and it has a potential to enlarge the scope of Brand Logotype Design.
Key Words
Calligraphy, Brand, logo
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