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Vol.12, No.0, 87 ~ 101, 2005
A Strategic Study of the Cluster in Design Complex-Focused on Tacit Knowledge and Explicit Knowledge-
Globalization of economic activities indicates advent of the age of unlimited competition on the level of the world market. In the 21st century, which is defined as the age of region rather than the age of state, cities should compete with each other to survive. In this changing economic situation, clusters allow enterprises, colleges and research centers to gather at a place to form a network, so that they could do business, develop technology, procure components and human resources in collaboration as well as exchange information among them, thus creating synergy effect. The changed perceptions of companies that design is important as the core factor of product competitiveness in the 21st century is reflected in the reinforced supports of clusters to combination of design with technical development and marketing. For the success of design clusters, it is suggested to expand customized design education and foster global design leaders. Specialized local clusters, a type of clusters that can be developed into design complex, can be realized through place marketing in cities with favorable conditions. Examples of such cluster include movie and image design cluster at Chungmuro and Gangnam, animation design cluster in Bucheon, jewelry design cluster in Iksan and package design clusters in local cities connected with the local indigenous products. Specialized local clusters with some potentiality can be sought and a network can be formed connecting them. Central and local governments are suggested to give supports to colleges, research centers and marketing companies so that shortages of such organizations could be supplemented, and advertise the brand of local clusters through international events and local characters. The syndrome of PIMFY, a syndrome to gather all prospective and advanced industries at my cluster, however, should be avoided, because it would cause overall poor operation of the cluster. Local governments are suggested to accept clusters as a strategy for specialized local development.
Key Words
design complex, cluster, Tacit Knowledge
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