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Vol.12, No.0, 1 ~ 11, 2005
Analysis on the pattern of digital art following the transferring process of media
김동호 Kim Dongho
We analyzed the process involving the transition of media which has changed along with the development of science via vertical structure. We try to identify the problem with the method of interpreting the history of fine art which uses the existing vertical structure in summing up such background, and provide the opportunity to re-establish the trend of modern fine art via the horizontal structure on the basis of pluralism. Therefore in this study, we classified the type of modern art into three categories on the basis of what is tangible and intangible: `reactive fine art including the tangible and intangible` `tangible fine art` and `intangible fine art`. Such classification provides a useful system to summarize new type of fine art that has been classified randomly or remained difficult to classify under the existing method of classification. In light of that, through this classification, we intend to look at the type of forms of digital art that is the foundation of intangible art. The digital art that is being performed most vigorously at the moment is linked by the integration and interaction with complex media, and the distinction is ambiguous because it develops along with the advancement of computer. This includes very diverse fields, and now those elements make use of concept of interaction and communication for many parts. In addition, the digital art is performed in a virtual space called cyberspace, not a physical space. This indicates an era where the virtual fact is created, not an era where the fact that existed is expressed. Therefore, we try to look at both merit and weakness of digital art derived from such a process, providing a good opportunity to systemize.
Key Words
Media, Pluralistic, Tangible, Intangible, Digital Art.
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