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Vol.9, No.0, 427 ~ 439, 2004
A study on the visual approach of character identity in personal brand design
최치권 Chi Kwon Choi
I have been making a brand `soobark.com` and it gave me a little of positive idea for `a personal brand-ing` in future. A purpose of `a personal brand-ing` is being a person`s the vest property by naming by self. an instance, Oprah Winfrey, Michal Jordan, Madonna, they already know that to be a man of success in life, it`s not enough with their ability. They know well the power of `personal brand-ing` so try to create their unique personality that they are confidenced of success by P.B. at last they success to join in Inner Circle. In this treatise, we will try to find out a useful method of `brand-ing`, through with expressing visual in brand design of nam-ing, personal brand design of expressing, emoticon of expressing in personal mascot, Avata, personal character design for simulation. The mean of character and using will be important during After the general IT` to `RT` and I wish that this treatise will be a useful model for study visual design.
Key Words
Character, Brand Design, Identity
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