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Vol.9, No.0, 409 ~ 424, 2004
A Study of Neo-Communication through Kitschy Graphic in Cyber Space (Centered on the trend shown in "Cyworld" Web Page)
장호현 Ho Hyun Jang
In the present time having moved from analog age to digital age, communication means has changed by way of media modes. Internet, which is the representative media in digital age, has been changing even human life style patterns, and this kind of communication method on Internet has been appearing as various types. This study intends to look into the present address of neo?communication culture through ?Cyworld mini web page", which shows a blog type recently being spotlighted most by new generations, in which what types of kitschy graphic are appeared, through which how it makes communications and thus becomes a new cultural trend, and in what mode it forms homogeneous community.
Key Words
kitsch, cyber, neo-communication
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