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Vol.9, No.0, 83 ~ 97, 2004
A study on fusion phenomenon appearing in video image design -centering around net art-
김성훈 Sung Hoon Kim
With the development of digital technology. the media art has been changed and developed everyday. Due to the innovation of image electronic media, the images beyond our imagination are being mass-produced. The new challenge of digital image among them has been the continuous subject of research and expressed as an experimental element. The digital technology that exchanges information via internet and could be copied to an unlimited extent brings changes in the art as well as the general field. The development of digital technology is making the cultural pattern called ubiquitous age. Looking about the recent paradigm of the art according to this, we can see that the new art genre is revealed in cyberspace. It is the Net art that artists try the new technologies, and show immediately them to the audience, and monitor the instant response by the combination of these techniques. The net art demanding technologies beyond the current general usefulness limits the broad activities of the audience. From now on, the net art will take its place as an art genre that accompanies the function of encountering the audience and sharing by the combination of digital technologies, without staying in the simple gallery level of the past through the media, internet. In this study, I analyzed the fusion phenomenon of an artist and the audience, technology and art, and time and space while the net art is expressed on the network. Net art has just begun and it is the possibility. It will stimulate the sensitivity of modern persons with visual and auditory communication through online, and will lead the trend of art and culture as an embodying device that gives psychological satisfaction to an appreciator more progressively and sensibly, and that is closer to the human culture life with the technology development. These features will be developed continuously by combining the functional element achieved on the network, and to design and worry about the contents that come with the function of multimedia through the development of digital technology will become influential in the development of net art hereafter.
Key Words
net art, fusion, interactivity
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