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Vol.8, No.0, 74 ~ 89, 2003
A Research Study on Colormarketing Strategy Formation of Abatar Character Fashion
김영식 Young Sik Kim , 임미라 Mi Ra Lim
We have lived in the time of reading. Now we live in the time of seeing with computer as a new communication media and live in `an another me` called `avatar` character on cyber space, internet, in that computer. `Avatar` has an anonymous attrativness and give us a satisfaction that is impossible in real life. And that can get attention from people through it. These factor create new cultural pnenomenon, avatar phinomenon. And we can cret and expand our life. Avatar is not used only for on-line business like a internet community, chatting, game. We can use avatar to itemize real fashion bland by attaching the bland on fashion item in cyber space like PPL. And avatar is regarded as important part for profits on cyber shopping mall that treat the PDA and cellural phone. So we need special marketing strategy to understand customer` s weed. Especially the color has an optical influence on fashion marketing. Therefore in this research, we will treat the problem of establising the color marketing strategy in avatar character market through analysis of color marketing, positioning of color image and fashion trand of avatar character, development of web, concept and usage of avatar
Key Words
Avatar, Color Marketing, Virtual Space
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